Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

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Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Emergency exits must be available at all times the building is normally occupied. This is a requirement of Building and Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Legislation. The legislation generally requires that the emergency exits can be opened by escaping building occupants without a key.

Generally, the locking of an emergency exit is an offence. Should building security pose problems (eg in a prison), it is essential that fire and building approval authorities are aware of any management system in place to deal with these issues. Documented approval of such arrangements is paramount. Discussion with the immunity Safety Department is recommended.

It is an offence to store materials in an emergency exit, these can obstruct occupants’ access to a safe place and may, by nature of the materials stored, pose a fire threat.

Any signs or notices which provide advice about exits (location maps, signs on doors) must be maintained so that they are legible to the occupants of the building at all times. These need to be checked periodically for compliance and currency.

It is recommended that, in hotels, boarding houses and the like, a “you are here??? map be fixed to the back of each sole occupancy room door, showing the location of emergency exits and giving basic advice to the occupants of emergency and fire procedures applicable to that building.

Emergency exits are required in buildings so that occupants can quickly escape from the building at time of fire or other emergency.

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By installing emergency lighting and exit signs you make evacuation a much safer process. By making emergency routes and exits clearly visible and easy to find anybody in your premises, whether they are permanent employees, customers or visitors can be quickly and safely evacuated to safety without raising panic.

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